“Thousands” of Vodafone customers hit with porting delays


Operator says it is “close” to resolving issue which has seen customers wait months for their number ot be ported in from other networks

Vodafone says it is close to resolving ongoing issues with number porting which have affected thousands of customers in recent months.

The problems has seen customers waiting months in some case for their numbers to be transferred from other providers.

The delays are in breach of Ofcom guidelines that says the process should be completed within 24 hours. The regulator told Mobile News it was “concerned” about the reports and says it will be speaking to the operator.

The operator blamed “cross network” issues earlier in the year – something denied by EE, Three and O2 – and a new billing system for the delays.

Several Vodafone customers even appeared on last night’s episode of BBC Watchdog, with one saying she tried to cancel her contract after months of delays only for the operator to threaten her with debt collection actions.

Vodafone says that a “small percentage” have been affected and that the problem was now “essentially clear” follow- ing the formation of a dedicated team to deal with the issue.

However, this week message boards were awash with customers criticising Vodafone over the delays. One had first reported the issue in mid-April.

A spokesperson for Vodafone said: “Once we identified there was increasing customer feedback on this issue we invested in a specialist team who have focused on reducing the backlog of customers affected and improving the overall process for the future: that team has already achieved significant improvements on both aspects.”


  1. The problem has not been resolved. Over a dozen calls and the same nonsensical response of having to wait 24hrs

    Worst customer service EVER!

  2. Ported my number from EE on the 11th of May until now is been four months I am still facing problem with porting, I am only able to receive call and SMS from Vodafone customers only. I tried many times with Vodafone and every time they promise will be sorted with 48 Hours. Now 4 months nothing is happening, I wrote to the Vodafone head office and they replied to me the porting now is successful if you facing any issue in the future please give us call on 191

  3. I ported my number to Vodafone from Orange due to signal issues in January 2014. It took the best part of a month to complete and then only allowed me to “Top Up” at the premium rate. Their system would not allow me to purchase “Packages” eg Freedom Freebies giving me free minutes, texts and data monthly. Could not register my number to use on their website and Voicemail would not work. Countless calls and hours spent trying to talk to customer services who either assured me the issue had been passed to a dedicated team and the problem would be fixed within a week or they would hang up. A letter to Customer Service Manager resulted in no action. A final letter in June this year has not been responded to and the matter has been reported to the Ombudsman via Ofcom. In despair I have tried to port my number away from Vodafone and they, I am told, are not releasing it!
    Vodafone has been in breach of it’s own guidelines for 18months and it’s Customer Care is not fit for purpose.

  4. I ported from airtel to vodafone since one month and somehow I stopped receiving international messages from my son who has a touring job. Voda care says our system shows all OK and I must check my phone but the new ported sim does not receive int.messages on any other mobile phones. What to do ?

  5. I have been waiting for 2 weeks, chasing Vodafone every day spent hours, but came to know later on they have migrated the system and so porting cannot be sorted out. I’ve also heard people have ordered something form Vodafone’s website and never get anything in a couple of months.
    Website is even more worse.
    CEO of Vodafone is doing something or not to fix the technical glitch, I don’t know but seriously people are loosing faith in Vodafone.

  6. 11/08/2015 – Porting issue for 6 weeks with no resolution. Worst company I have ever dealt with. 24hr48hr pledges….. all lies and more lies. Still not fixed… AVOID AVOiD at all costs. Cherished number for over 2 decades lost in there systems host by a offshore team who don’t care. Try the CEO office ev n they cannot seem to fix this