Vodafone home broadband and fixed-line service launches today


Operator also confirms plans for launch of TV service in the next year

Vodafone’s home broadband and fixed-line service has launched today as UK telecoms battle intensifies further.

Vodafone Connect, which offers speeds of up to 76Mbps, will launch initially in Manchester, Berkshire and parts of Hampshire and Surrey.

It will use a combination of Vodafone’s own fibre network, which it acquired and expanded through its purchase of Cable and Wireless and BT Openreach.

It differs from other offers on the market through the use of a router that allows customers to prioritise devices on the network to receive a higher bandwidth and to ‘beam’ the WiFi signal to parts of the house where it is needed at that time. This can be managed though the Vodafone Connect App.

The operator also says it will offer a TV service within the next year and is in discussions with Virgin Media owner, Liberty Global, over a potential merger/asset swap.

Vodafone says the network already reaches exchanges which pass 20 million homes with that number set to hit 22 million by the end of the summer.

The operator already has 11 million European broadband customers in the 12 countries it currently offers the service.

400 jobs will be created as part of the roll out in South East England and Glasgow.

It will come in three packages (see chart at bottom of page) offering standard broadband (up to 17Mbps), Fibre (38Mbps) or Ultrafast Fibre (76Mbps).

Vodafone customers will receive a £5 discount on their broadband package and a further 50 per cent off for the first 12 months. Line rental will cost a standard £16.99 per month when paying monthly.

“This is a really exciting move for Vodafone in the UK as we move our business into a new phase,” said UK chief executive officer Jeroen Hoencamp. “We are looking forward to the year ahead, including our move into offering TV services, as one which will prove to be a step-change in our customers’ lives.”

It comes just a day after BT confirmed that its Champions League coverage, which it shelled £897 million out for will be free for existing BT Broadband and BT TV customers. BT Broadband customers will have to pay £5 extra for European football but will continue to receive Premier League and SPL football for free through BT Sport.

Pricing at launch:

Standard price (available to non Vodafone customers later in the year) Existing Vodafone Mobile customers
ADSL (up to 17Mbps)(18 months contract) £10.00 £5.00(£2.50 for 12 months)
Fibre 38Mbps(18 months contract) £20.00 £15.00(£7.50 for 12 months)
Fibre 76Mbps(18 months contract) £25.00 £20.00(£10.00 for 12 months)
Broadband usage Unlimited Unlimited
Calls Evening & Weekend included (landline calls) Evening & Weekend included (landline calls)Vodafone Pay monthly Red customers: Anytime & Mobile 300 mins as well
Line rental £16.99Or Line Rental Saver £163.10 – 12 months upfront for 20% discount £16.99Or Line Rental Saver £163.10 – 12 months upfront for 20% discount
Online security F-Secure SAFE free for 6 months (up to 5 devices) and then just £39.99 a year (RRP £79.99) F-Secure SAFE free for 6 months (up to 5 devices) and then just £39.99 a year (RRP £79.99)