Huawei signs R&D partnership with Vodafone


Two companies to focus on innovation in the enterprise ICT market

Huawei has signed a new partnership with Vodafone that will see the pair target the enterprise ICT market.

The two will jointly develop solutions for indoor network coverage, M2M module design, safe cities, Internet of Things and cloud data centres.

The partnership was announced by Huawei chief strategy marketing officer William Xu at the infrastructure and telecoms manufacturer’s third Europe Innovation Day, which is being held in Munich today.

Yu told attendees at the event, which is being attended by operators, think tanks, government agencies and the media, that Huawei will continue to work with European partners to speed up digitization of industry.

“Huawei can help Europe accelerate digitization in the areas of equipment, infrastructure, and applications, and we are working closely with customers, partners, and research institutes to drive progress,” said Xu.

Huawei, which is headquartered in China (pictured) has established 19 joint innovation centres over the past decade with European carriers including Deutsche Telekom and BT to research future networks and new services, and to better serve users. It also works with 700 European businesses on R&D and 120 academic institutions.

The company has invested at least ten per cent of its annual revenue on research and development since its formation in 1987. In 2014, it spent £4.3 billion on R&D, 14 per cent of its annual revenues.