EE maintains spot as London’s top-performing network


Operator has been ranked as top overall in the capital for the fifth successive test since April 2013

EE has maintained its position as the top-performing mobile network in London, according to the latest round of tests from RootMetrics.

The network performance measurement firm conducted 95,636 tests in London, both indoors and outdoors, driving 2,448 miles from April 9-23.

EE topped the chart for overall performance with a ‘RootScore’ of 94.8 out of 100, followed by Three (90.4), Vodafone (88.6) and O2 (87.7).

It came top for mobile internet performance with a score of 97, a position it has also held since April 2013. It also finished first in the RootMetrics speed index with a score of 93, which brings together results from mobile internet and text tests.

EE recorded the fastest median download speeds in London at 25.4Mbps – faster than the average UK broadband speed, which Ofcom reports is 22.8Mbps. Upload speeds were 19.3Mbps. RootMetrics said at these speeds, it would take just two seconds to email a photo or download a song, and just four seconds to upload a video.

The other major mobile operators were significantly adrift of EE, with Vodafone recording median download speeds of 10.6Mbps (Vodafone), 8.7Mbps (O2) and 7Mbps (Three), and upload speeds of 6.9Mbps (Vodafone), 6.2Mbps (O2) and 2.9Mbps (Three).

EE also ranked first outright in network reliability with a RootScore of 96.1, followed by Three (94.7), Vodafone (90.2) and O2 (89.1). The full results of the tests are listed below:



RootMetrics CEO and president Bill Moore said: “RootMetrics’ scouters drove thousands of miles to create the most comprehensive view of mobile performance in London ever delivered. It is clear that EE remains very strong in the UK’s capital city. The network won every category and has stayed ahead of the competition consistently over the past couple of years.

“With all networks now offering 4G services, consumers have never had more choice between networks and we hope this data will help inform their choices when selecting a network.”