EE Powers up again as rewards scheme returns


Operator initially launched Power Bars reward scheme on April 16 but ran out of stock within days

EE’s Power Bars are back in stock as of today, the operator has confirmed, two months after they ran out of stock within days of launching the reward scheme.

The operator launched EE Power on April 16, allowing customers to get access to a free 2,600mAh power bank with unlimited in-store swaps.

Customers who texted “Power” to 365 were given a code which they could exchange for the Power Bar, but the operator said it received more than one million requests within days of the scheme launching.

The operator temporarily withdrew the scheme on April 20 but promised to fulfil all orders for people who had texted up until that point, with the text service going live again today.

According to the operators website, it is hoping the latest batch of stock will last it through until at least August 1.

EE said: “We’ll be releasing Power Bars in batches to help manage supply. So there might be the odd week here and there when we’re replenishing our stock. The first batch is available from 24 June, and we’re hoping it’ll see us through to 1 August.”