Apple CEO Cook slams reports of poor Watch sales


Technology giant insists sales have exceeded expectations and were higher in June than in April and May

Apple has slammed reports that sales of the Watch have fallen since the product’s global release in April.

The manufacturer’s first wearable went on sale on April 24 in nine countries, including the UK. Availability has since been expanded to 19 countries.

Reports have suggested that sales of the Watch have disappointed and fallen, with US-based analytics firm Slice Intelligence claiming sales have slumped by 90 per cent from 45,000 units per day at its peak to just 5,000.

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking on a conference call to discuss the company’s Q3 financial results, said sales had exceeded expectations and insisted they were growing.

“With the Watch, our sales in June were higher than in April or May, and that is very different from what is being written.

“Sales of the Watch exceeded our expectations and they did so despite supply still trailing demand at the end of the quarter.

Full report in Mobile News issue 494, out on August 3.