Brits sitting on £4.7bn worth of unused mobiles


Survey finds nearly three quarters have an old device at home that they are failing to recycle

British people are sitting on £4.7 billion worth of unused mobile phones by failing to recycle their old handsets.

This is according to research from mobile recycling platform Intellibox, which polled 2,000 people about their attitudes to mobile recycling and purchasing habits. The British population stands at 64.1 million.

It revealed nearly three quarters (73 per cent) have at least one unused mobile at home, with the average smartphone costing £101.

More than four in 10 (43 per cent) said they had no idea what the potential value of their old mobiles may be, while 31 per cent believed their former device had no value at all.

According to Intellibox, the research indicated a clear need from consumers to make the recycling process easier, with a desire for instant reward demanded.

Intellibox CEO Som Sinha said: “We are not at all surprised by the vast amount of consumers that admit to having an old mobile at home. It is definitely a trend we have noticed in the market.

“The overriding reason for consumers’ reluctance to recycle a handset is the perceived belief that it is worthless. The reality is they are very valuable but the worth of old phones will depreciate every day, so shoppers need to act quickly.”