Gusto Telecom signs up Caribbean dream team

Bennett came up with the idea of the Juice brand whilst eating breakfast one morning

Mobile operator Digicel to initially stock its Juice products in its Bermudan stores, with potential for the deal to stretch across multiple country markets 

Gusto Telecom has continued its global expansion by signing up Caribbean network operator Digicel to stock its Juice accessories.

The deal, signed last month, will see the accessory manufacturers’ range of chargers, power banks, Bluetooth speakers and USB cables initially sold in Digicel’s four stores in Bermuda, as well as online.

If this proves successful, the operator will look to extend the deal across its other 32 country markets across the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific. Digicel has a combined base of more than 13 million customers.

Digicel commercial director Julian Burton, who was formerly commercial director of the now defunct Shebang Technologies Group, said: “Not only are their products of great quality and affordable for our customers, they are fun, vibrant and refreshingly different – attributes reflected more broadly by Gusto and the whole service delivered.”

He also praised Gusto for providing something “vibrant” and “refreshing” to the market rather than the same old “tired” offerings from its rivals.

“Unlike many presenting the same tired options, Gusto really gets the mobile accessory market,” he added.

Gusto products are now sold in 16 countries, including Australia, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and the UK. Digicel has a base of around 14 million customers, with more than 1,000 retail stores and over 6,000 employees.