EE offering £20 voucher to customers affected by Power Bar recall


Those returning Power Bars with the model number ‘E1-06’ will be able to spend gesture of goodwill on accessories

EE is offering customers affected by the Power Bar recall a £20 voucher to spend on accessories.

Yesterday, Mobile News broke the story that the operator is recalling up to 500,000 Power Bars whilst it investigates safety fears caused by overheating. It is asking customers to immediately return those with the model number ‘E1-06′ to their nearest store.

Only one batch of seven have been affected since their release on April 16 – some 500,000 of the near two million in circulation. Some are in the possession of customers, while others are stocked in-store and in warehouses.

EE sent out a text message to all customers who had purchased a Power Bar, as well as through a post on its official Twitter page, to inform them of the recall and details of a website ( to find out more information.

It has also temporarily suspended the swap scheme associated with the product while it conducts its investigation.


  1. handed back my faulty power bars and was given 2 twenty pound vouchers and when I put the code in it tells me it is not recognised and there is no were to put your phone number in

  2. I was given two £20 vouchers when I returned my two power bars and was told by the staff that I could use them on bottles of wine. Can’t find any wine. Is this a con.
    Phil Waddington

  3. I returned my power bar and was told I will be sent a link for the £20 voucher .
    I got a message saying power is returned but no link for the voucher .
    Please help

  4. Hi I have handed in my power bar into a EE shop in Tottenham hale over a month ago and was told I would received a link to claim a vouchers, I haven’t so far please advised

    • Hi go to accessories add accessories to cart drop down to voucher box add number click apply box for telephone number drops down the rest is easy PS your voucher could be out of date

  5. I get the voucher code.and I go to
    the website. The accessories not
    Compatible with my phone.
    Return the item. Can’t use the
    Voucher code again. and I lose my £4
    EE stop doing this to your customers

  6. EE network is pushing people around I’ve give in my power bar got a voucher for £20 till now can’t get it I’m definitely going to go to a different network that’s not taking CUSTOMERS FOR A FOOL.

  7. I handed in my 2 Power Bars on Tuesday I have had a text a text to contact accessories and enter my mobile number where do I enter it.

  8. I returned my power bar back and i received a text message, i log in to the web site they gave me but i could not see any link to enter my number, kindly tell me how to get my voucher

  9. I could not find anything I wanted on ee website has I am 67 years old but then some one said why not get a charger for the car which I thought was a good idea BUT I CAN’T FIND VOUCHER IS THERE ANY WAY YOU COULD HELP ME

  10. Please can you send a link to me as to how I can order accessories with my £20 vouchers as I have tried to no avail on your website.

  11. I took my power pack as well as my wife’s back to the shop who informed I would get a text message about the £20 pound vouchers. I received the text messages to contact which I did to no avail, I then telephoned EE but they could not help me. all that I want to do is buy my wife a new phone with the two vouchers HELP

    • Hi I just wanted to ask if the vouchers had a voucher number on it. I got 2 vouchers today and it’s doesn’t have any thing written on it.

  12. I took my my power bar back to my EE store which they give me my voucher for £20 I wasn’t told I only had 30 days to use this which has now expired is they any way I can receive another one please.