MV-no for Apple’s virtual network talks with European operators


Report claimed that iPhone maker is privately trialling an MVNO service have now been dismissed by Californian firm

Apple has denied reports that it is in talks to launch its own MVNO in the US and Europe.

Business Insider claimed sources close to the company had said the manufacturer held discussions with European operators about launching a virtual network.

The claims have now been dismissed by the iPhone-maker, who also said it was not planning to enter the carrier space in the future.

“We have not discussed nor do we have any plans to launch an MVNO,” said an Apple spokeswoman in a statement on Tuesday.

The report on August 3 claimed that an Apple MVNO would cut out traditional network carriers with Apple providing calls, texts and data on a subscription basis. Business Insider said that Apple’s MVNO will switch between several networks, depending on who provides the best coverage.

It goes on to claim that any launch beyond a test phase is unlikely to come soon – in fact it could take at least five years before a service is fully launched.

Google is already testing its own MVNO, called Google Fi, which is available on the Nexus 6 smartphone in the US.