31pc of consumers would switch carrier due to poor customer care


Study reveals that faulty phones and failed fixes are key in why customers are changing networks

Ineffective customer care is the biggest cause of mobile churn, according to a study by Blancco Technology Group, who found that bad customer service when reporting a faulty device would encourage 30 per cent of people to switch provider.

49 per cent of respondents told Blancco they report faults with their devices within three days of noticing them, with nine per cent seeking help within three hours.

blancco report charts-06The global poll of 1,400 mobile owners found that 31 per cent had experienced some technical issue with their mobile devices at least once a month, but 33 per cent said they’d change manufacturer if they experienced a persistent fault.

Short-lived batteries and frozen or crashed apps are the root of mobile woes. 38 per cent of respondents cited battery life as the most common type of device issue they experience, while 13 per cent said crashed apps occur most frequently.

“When consumers head in-store for help, they’re usually under the assumption that customer service agents, sales representatives and repair specialists are geniuses in troubleshooting and fixing their mobile devices,” says SmartChk by Xcaliber Technologies CTO Amit Mahajan. SmartChk by Xcaliber Technologies is a division of Blancco.

“In reality, a vast majority of support staff are young, immature and lack adequate training – and there isn’t any mobile diagnostics solution or technology onsite to close that skills gap.”.

The report states that a staggering 60 to 80 percent of devices returned aren’t actually faulty. Every return is costing $30 to $60 (USD), and any purchase of a new phone is costing consumers significantly more, teaching the staff to do simple repairs could potentially save money all around, according to Blancco.

Consumers said they want tangible proof of device errors, with 26 per cent of respondents claiming a physical report displaying diagnostics tests run on their device would affect their satisfaction and loyalty with their mobile carriers and device manufacturers. Plus, it would factor into the overall satisfaction of 31 percent of respondents. blancco report charts-04