EE TV update adds new mobile-focused features


EE TV service first launched in 2014 as a way of giving EE customers on-demand TV

EE has announced that EE TV, the network’s on-demand television service, will be updated on August 25 with a particular focus on mobile features that enhance a user’s personalisation and social experience with the service.

EE TV, which launched in November 2014, offers EE customers on-demand TV. Customers using the service simply connect a provided smart box to their TV in order to access over 70 Freeview channels. An accompanying EE TV app can be downloaded to a user’s device, transforming their phone into a device that either acts as a second screen or allows the user to pick and record EE TV programming.

The new update brings ‘My TV’ to the mobile app, a feature that offers a personalised experience for each individual user. The new feature is broken up into three new sections: ‘My Programmes,’ ‘My Channels’ and ‘My Photos & Videos.’

Users will be able to use ‘My Programmes’ and ‘My Channels’ to instantly access any live or pre-recorded showings of their favourite TV shows or channels. These can also be stored in one place for easy access and can be sorted under ‘watched,’ ‘unwatched,’ ‘channel’ and ‘date’ categories.

‘My Photos & Videos’ will also allow customers to view photographs and videos stored on their phone in the EE TV app.

EE TV users will be able use the Flick feature to send photos stored on their phone to their TV. As the name suggests, the Flick feature allows users to simply use their fingers to swipe any photos or videos they have on their phone towards a connected TV for viewing. The update will enable users to ‘flick’ content from their TV screen, such as live or pre-recorded footage, to their mobile device.

EE TV’s mobile app also comes with a new Companion Screen feature, which provides additional information and playback controls for any content being viewed on the main TV screen. Users will be able to share details of the content they’re watching through social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, using the Companion Screen.

New channels will be added to EE TV in September. MUBI, an online movie-streaming site, is one example of what will be available. Foreign language programming will also be available to view on EE TV via coming apps, including France 24 and Brazil TV.

EE’s director of home broadband & TV Simeon Bird said: “The new EE TV features take the personalisation capability that all smartphone and tablet owners are familiar with, and incorporates it to create what we believe is the best multi-screen TV service available today.”