Apple becomes number 2 wearables vendor as shipments up 223pc


IDC Q2 figures found FitBit retained top spot with 4.4 million shipments compared with 3.6 million Apple Watches

Wearable shipments grew by 223 per cent to 18.1 million during the second quarter of the year with Apple selling 3.6 million Watches during the period, according to IDC.

Just 5.6 million units shipped during the second quarter of 2014, as new entrants took two of the top five vendor spots.

It wasn’t enough to make the iPhone-maker the top wearable vendor – a spot retained by FitBit who sold 4.4 million wearables during the three months to June 30.

FitBit’s market share was 24.3 per cent and it sold 158 per cent more devices than it did during the same period in 2014.

Apple took up a 19.9 per cent share, while another new entrant Xiaomi bagged third spot with 3.1 million wearables shipped, giving it a 17.1 per cent share.

Garmin came fourth with a 3.9 per cent share, while Samsung shipped less than one million devices during the quarter, to take a 3.1 per cent share. Other vendors made up 31 per cent of the market.

IDC research manager (wearables) Ramon Llamas said: “Anytime Apple enters a new market, not only does it draw attention to itself, but to the market as a whole. Its participation benefits multiple players and platforms within the wearables ecosystem, and ultimately drives total volumes higher.

“Apple also forces other vendors – especially those that have been part of this market for multiple quarters – to re-evaluate their products and experiences. Fairly or not, Apple will become the stick against which other wearables are measured, and competing vendors need to stay current or ahead of Apple.”