Countdown’s Rachel Riley spearheads EE’s National Techy Tea Party Day


The Techy Tea Party Day campaign was established in 2012 to help over 65s improve their online skills

Rachel Riley, co-host of Channel 4’s Countdown, led EE’s nationwide campaign to help over 65s improve their online skills.

The presented spearheaded EE’s National Techy Tea Party Day, which was held to help over 65s and those who aren’t so confident using the web improve their online confidence. Up to 10,000 people took part in the nationwide event, which was held at over 500 EE stores, contact centres, offices and partner venues across the UK. Around 2,500 people volunteered in the event to demonstrate the benefits of being online to those who attended.

The network surveyed 1,000 UK adults aged over 65 between July 16 and July 22 2014. It found that two thirds believe that internet and computers are the most revolutionary products of their time. Over half said that being online is important for reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. More than half of those surveyed said they weren’t confident with their online skills.

EE claims the day helped more than 2,000 people set up their first email account and that it helped over 500 people make their first Skype call.

EE’s chief corporate and strategy officer said: “95% of job-seekers in the UK believe it’s difficult to find a job without understanding the internet, but there should not be any barriers to being online today. Our events offer an informal environment for anyone looking to improve their digital skills over a cup of tea.”

The National Techy Tea Party started in October 2012. In 2014 it won the Prime Minister’s Big Society Big Society Award, which recognises the work group and organisations do in the community.