Apple unveils update to Apple TV


CEO Tim Cook says the future of TV is Apps as manufacturer unveils new set top box

Apple has launched the latest update to its Apple TV, unveiling a new set top box and appstore at a launch event in California.

The manufacturer unveiled the latest Apple TV update which includes access to iTunes and photos.

The new set top box includes built in screensavers that Apple have recorded, and voice control through personal assistant Siri.

It includes features such as automatic playback. If you miss a line in a film or TV show, you can ask Siri “what did she say” and it will automatically rewind the clip 15 seconds and turn on subtitles.

Users can also ask details such as who stars in the episode, find specific parts, and open other apps instantly through voice commands.

It can access the full iTunes library but with redesigned apps, existing music playlists and the full Appstore.

Apple has also created a new operating system to run on the device, called TVOS. 11 million developers have already registered to create software and apps for the OS.

The manufacturer also made a lot of gaming apps. The remote includes an accelerometer, allowing Nintendo Wii-style gaming.

The remote works via bluetooth and can last a full three months on a single charge, Apple claims.

It comes in two models costing $149 for the 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB model.

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