OnePlus CEO apologises for bungled smartphone launch


In an open letter to customers, Carl Pei said sorry for shipping delays of OnePlus 2 handset

The CEO of Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has apologised to fans for stock shortages that have led to month long delays in customers receiving their OnePlus 2 smartphones.

Carl Pei wrote an open letter on OnePlus’ website apologising for the delay, which saw the firm only begin shipping handsets last week, nearly a month later than planned.

The apology follows similar problems during the launch of the OnePlus One last year that the firm claimed to have resolved before the launch of the OnePlus 2 on July 29.

Pei claimed the challenger brand had prepared a lot more inventory for the OnePlus 2, which is available through invite only and costs £239 for the 16GB version, and £289 for the 64GB.

In the letter, posted yesterday (September 10), Pei said: “We messed up the launch of the OnePlus 2.

“With the OnePlus 2, we made rosy plans. We were more confident, and prepared a lot more inventory. We told our users it would be 30-50x easier to get invites, and they needn’t worry.

“Yet, we only began shipping in meaningful quantities this week, nearly a month after our initial targeted shipping date. You can talk all you want, but in the end, flawless execution speaks much louder than unfulfilled promises.

“I’d like to apologise on behalf of OnePlus for the delay.”

One-hour sale

To “make it up” to fans of the popular devices, Pei promised to put the OnePlus 2 on general sale later this month. However, the sale will last for one hour only, and Pei has yet to confirm details. He also asked fans for feedback.

“There are very few excuses in this world that are valid,” he added. “We simply messed up again and apologise for that. We don’t plan on making further promises for future launches, and will instead focus on showing the world how we’ve improved through our actions.

“Over the past few days, we’ve been discussing how we can make it up to our fans for the delay. One of the best ideas we have is to open sales up for an hour sometime later this month or early next, to make the entire process a bit more painless for would-be OnePlus 2 users. We will need to look into production and operations to determine when this is most feasible. We’ll keep you posted.

“As we start to really ramp up the shipping of OnePlus 2, we look forward to all (don’t be afraid of being harsh with us) product feedback. Help us improve.”