EE slammed after failing to renew £6 email domain


The email domain client, has “thousands of users” and stopped working on September 4

EE customers have branded the operator “a disgrace” after its email client went down for more than 24 hours, after claims it failed to renew the domain name.

FSNet is the legacy email client from Freeserve broadband, that was merged into Orange Broadband when it was bought by parent company France Telecom in 2000.

The client still has “thousands” of users, but stopped working on September 4 after EE failed to re-register its ownership of the domain name – a process that costs as little as £6.

According to domain checker website NSLookup, the domain, which was registered in August 1999, expired on August 4, and was suspended a month later, leaving thousands of users without email access. users took to EE’s forums to complain about the problem, which could have been avoided if EE had re-registered the domain.

User ‘The Nightfly’ posted: “This MUST be sorted ASAP. I am without email for my ‘’ account.

“Blimey its only £6 to renew – Come on EE – SORT THIS OUT 1,000’s are without email because of the failure to renew the domain”

Another user, Zoar100 added: “Absolutely furious having spent all morning trying to sort out connections before finding this post. EE PLEASE GET THIS SORTED.”

Users trying to send emails were getting an error message: “Status: 5.4.3 (routing server failure)” and they could not receive emails while the service was down.

A Mobile News source said the web server began working again after around 24 hours without service, after EE re-registered the domain following customer complaints.

The domain is now registered until August 4 2016, when it will again need to be renewed.

EE said the problem was due to a technical error that had now been fixed.

A spokesperson for the operator said: “We’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused by the technical issues on fsnet. We can confirm that these have now been fully resolved.”