Samsung trade-ins up 65pc on eve of iPhone 6s launch


Figures from show price of Samsung devices has plummeted 10 per cent ahead of latest Apple release

Trade-ins of Samsung smartphones has increased by 65 per cent in the two weeks since Apple unveiled the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, according to price comparison website Sell My Mobile.

Apple took wraps of its newest devices on September 9 ahead of them going on sale tomorrow (September 25), and figures from the site suggest Samsung-owners are flocking to buy the latest iPhone.

The value of trading in a Galaxy smartphone has falled by 10 per cent due to more being traded in, although Apple devices still make up nine out of the top 10 trade-ins in the UK.

The resale of a Samsung Galaxy S5 is down 12 per cent from £180 to £158, and even the more recent Samsung Galaxy S6 model has fallen in value by 6 per cent from £340 to £320.

Apple’s devices have retained their value though. The iPhone 6 has seen an increase in trade-ins of 38 per cent, but its resale price has remained at £350 since the new iPhone 6s was introduced. Second hand sales of the iPhone 6 Plus have increased by 24 per cent, but its resale value has held strong at £390.

Trade-ins of HTC (58 per cent), BlackBerry (26 per cent) and Sony (25 per cent) devices have all also increased since the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus was announced earlier this month. founder Keir McConomy said: “Usually when a new iPhone device is released, we see a steady decline in value of the previous year’s models. This year, Apple devices which are only a year old seem to have retained their resale value up until this point, which shows that demand for those handsets is still high.

“Even iPhone 5c sales are up 97 per cent, but we haven’t seen a shift in resale value despite the fact that this device is being discontinued. That said, if previous trends are anything to go by, we do expect prices across the board to start to fall after the new handsets go on sale this week.

“We’ve already started seeing this with Samsung handsets which have seen a rapid increase in trade-in volumes over the past few days, indicating that it’s not only Apple users who are keen to get their hands on the new iPhone.”