Apple named ‘world’s most valuable brand’ for third year running


Apple’s brand worth has been valued at $170.3 billion, a 43 per cent increase from last year

That’s according to brand consultant Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report, where Apple has managed to retain the top spot since 2013.

The latest report claims the value of Apple’s brand is worth $170.3 billion, an increase of 43 per cent from last year. Google was runner-up, with its value increasing by 12 per cent to $120.3 billion. Coca-Cola, Microsoft and IBM made up the top five.

Each ranking is determined by a combination of a brand’s financial performance, how it influences consumer choices and how much of a premium price it can charge.

Samsung ranked seventh, retaining the same brand value ($45 million) as last year. Sony came in at 58, with its brand value declining by five per cent to $7.7 million. Huawei (rank 88), who is the first Chinese mobile brand to make it into the list, and newcomer Lenovo (100) were both near the bottom of the pile with respective brand values of $4.9 million and $4.1 million.