Pepsi to release smartphone in China


Soft drinks maker confirms plans to work with unnamed licensing partner to bring line of mobile phones and accessories to market

PepsiCo will launch a Pepsi branded smartphone and range of accessories in China, the soft drinks maker has confirmed.

A spokesperson for PepsiCo said the firm has reached an agreement with an unnamed ODM to launch a Pepsi branded smartphone within the next few months. No other details were given.

Leaked images and specs claim the first device will be an Android phone called the Pepsi P1. The leaks claim it will a 5.5-inch screen, fingerprint scanner and 13-megapixel camera.

A spokesperson for PepsiCo said: “We are pleased to share that Pepsi is working with a licensing partner to bring a line of mobile phones and accessories to market in China in the next few months.

“Available in China only, this effort is similar to recent globally licensed Pepsi products which include apparel and accessories. Pepsi has always moved at the speed of culture, and today technology is a key cultural pillar at the heart of consumer interaction.

“Pepsi has no plans to get into the mobile phone manufacturing business, but we are committed to engaging with consumers in innovative ways to grow our brand. We’ll share more news as it becomes available.”