Bullitt teams up with Centerprise for CAT phone distribution


Centerprise joins Brightstar and Data Select as Bullitt’s UK distribution partners 

Bullitt Group has partnered with Centerprise Distribution for supply of its CAT (Caterpillar) range of ruggerdised handsets to resellers.

CAT phones, which consist of the S40, S50 and B100, are manufactured to withstand challenging mobile working environments and are water, dust and drop proof, oil and grease resistant and also come with wet finger tracking.

Bullitt Group, which also has UK distribution agreements with Brightstar and Data Select, has its products sold in more than 60 countries, including the UK and USA,

It is a worldwide licensee of CAT for rugged mobile devices and accessories, JCB for ‘tough phones’ and accessories, Kodak smartphones and imaging accessories and Ted Baker for audio products. It has also recently partnered with ministry of Sound to develop a range of high-spec speakers and headphones.

Centerprise, the distribution arm of Basingstoke-based Centerprise International, also distributes rugged mobile devices for Panasonic.

Bullitt Mobile CEO Oliver Schulte said: “The rugged smartphone market is growing with over 10m units sold globally in 2014 and our CAT phones portfolio appeals to those who regularly damage their existing phone due to them being used in work environments they were not built for.

“By partnering with Centerprise we look forward to capitalising on their proven experience with our target demographic.”

Centerprise said the addition of Cat phones to its portfolio will strengthen its position in markets such as construction and utilities, and also enable expansion into new verticals.