TalkTalk offers free upgrades to all customers after cyber attack


From December 1, all four million plus customers will be able to add TV, mobile, landline or broadband bundles to their existing package for free

TalkTalk is offering free upgrades to all of its home customers as a goodwill gesture following last month’s cyber attack on its website.

From December 1, all customers will be able to add a selection of the following to their package for free: TV content including movies, kids, entertainment and sports; a mobile SIM with a monthly allowance of free calls, texts and data; unlimited UK landline and mobile calls; and a broadband health check by experienced engineers.

In addition, TalkTalk has also created a new bundle of online and telephone security features, designed to improve protection from scammers, malware and cold callers.

This includes web filter HomeSafe; anti-virus protection from F-Secure; and cold calling features that allow customers to block calls from withheld numbers, block the last number that called you, and see the number for incoming calls.

The gesture of thanks is available to all TalkTalk customers, regardless of whether or not they were affected by the cyber attack. They can find out more information at

Last week, TalkTalk revealed that 157,000 customer accounts were accessed during the attack on its website on October 21 – much lower than first feared.

TalkTalk chief executive Dido Harding (pictured) said: “TalkTalk takes the security of customers’ data extremely seriously and we are taking significant further steps to ensure our systems are protected, as well as writing to all our customers outlining what we are doing to keep their data safe.

“In recognition of the unavoidable uncertainty, and because we know that doing what is right for our customers will ensure the best possible outcome for the company over the longer term, we are today announcing the offer of a choice of free upgraded services to all our customers.”


  1. Since I contacted you in a free upgrade, I have heard nothing from you (apart from my bill) and I see from the above customer reviews, I am not the only one. Please explain

  2. on your free offer I choose to have a check-up your engineer came and replace my very old router but when he went it wasn’t working I phoned one of your phone line in asia and was told I would have to wait four weeks and he would be there on the fifth of February betwreen 7am and 9pm I waited all day no one turned up,what is going on could you let me know or will I have to change my supplier

  3. I have been trying for 20 days. 3 or 4 calls per day, to speak to someone about the free upgrade but it has proved impossible and get some advice about the most suitable one for a “nonteck” 77 year old bit is have proved IMPOSSIBLE.
    If still available I would prefer the “health check” but please not the same teckonurd I had the last time as he treated me like the moron I am regarding tech language.
    I can be contacted on my land line 01682221191 or 07748917377 as all my services are contracted to Talktalk.
    Tom Mulholland

  4. I did not receive your original message re free upgrades and of the two that are only on offer now none are suitable.Only when my daughter in law told me she had chosen free phone calls did I realise other offers had been available. Is this one still on offer? I have tried to phone for an answer but did not succeed.
    Yours in hope
    PS Happy New Year to you all

  5. I received an email from TalkTalk regarding free upgrade but server did not download the details. I did ‘phone the help desk who were helpful but this has not resolved the problem. Can you tell me what free upgrades are available for my existing contract as the deadline of 31st December almost here..

    • Numerous hoax phone calls from Gerry, Henry & others
      Retrieved Phone calls- 02921329348, 001157238888,01245790393 and others causing lot of inconvenience and annoyance,

      Please do not block calls from friends & relatives who have Ex Directory numbers.

  6. After the hacking my laptop went haywire with all sorts of pop ups and loading page upon page,i was advised it was due to hacking,i had to get an online firm to sort it at a cost of £100.I have cancelled my direct debit for fear of it happening again.