EE now stocking TrackR Bravo location device


The coin-sized device is designed to help users locate misplaced or lost items

EE is now stocking the TrackR Bravo device designed to help customers locate any lost or misplaced item using their smartphone.

The TrackR Bravo is a coin-sized device that can be clipped to any item from a small set of car keys to larger items like a bicycle. If any of these items are misplaced or lost, customers can use the TrackR app on any Android or iOS smartphone to locate them.

The app comes with a distance indicator, which tells the user how far an item with the TrackR Bravo device attached is. It has a range of up to 100 feet. Users can also trigger an audible sound from the device to make finding items easier.

You can also tap a button on the TrackR Bravo device to make your handset ring, should you ever lose track of it. Alerts can be set to notify users when they are at a certain distance from their phone. There’s also a Crowd GPS function. If any of TrackR’s users come within a mile of the lost item, users will receive an alert telling them the location.

The device is available from all EE stores in packs of one, two or four. Prices start from £24.99.