Global wearable shipments to hit 200 million by 2019


IDC predicts the Apple Watch and Android smart watches will drive the growth

Global shipments of smart wearables will surpass 200 million in 2019, according to market analyst IDC.

IDC predicts that global wearable shipments will hit 111 million by the end of 2016 . That is a 44 per cent increase from the 80 million units it expects to be shipped by the end of this year. The analyst forecasts that total shipments will hit 214 million by 2019. Smart wearables includes devices like smart watches and fitness trackers.

IDC wearables research manager Ramon Llamas argues the increase will be driven by new and more user-friendly features added to wearable technology.

He said: “In a short amount of time, smartwatches have evolved from being extensions of the smartphone to wearable computers capable of communications, notifications, applications, and numerous other functionalities.

“The smartwatch we have today will look nothing like the smartwatch we will see in the future. Cellular connectivity, health sensors, not to mention the explosive third-party application market all stand to change the game and will raise both the appeal and value of the market going forward.”

Smart watches, like those the Apple Watch and devices from LG, Motorola and Sony, will lead the growth, according to IDC. The analyst predicts smartwatch shipments will reach 34.3 million units in 2016 – up from the 21.3 million units it expects to be shipped this year. It also predicts that total smartwatch shipments will reach 88 million in 2019.