Two thirds of UK smartphone users expect flawless internet usage


Research from Vasona Networks found more than half blame their operator when apps don’t work, while 40 per cent would look to switch provider

More than two thirds of smartphone users in the UK expect their internet usage to be without temporary hiccups or outages, according to research by Vasona Networks.

In an annual poll of smartphone users, the network aggregation firm found quality of internet connection was a key consideration for the UK, with 40 per cent believe that they can get better mobile broadband performance by switching providers.

Vasona, who works with O2 in the UK, asked 1,035 smartphone users with a data plan for their views on their internet connection. One third of respondents felt their experience had improved in the past year.

37 per cent said they would recommend their provider to a friend, but 42 per cent said they believed all providers performed the same for data use.

“Reliable bandwidth is the currency that operators trade in today, and delivering anything less than consistently great experiences introduces competitive threats and risk of customer churn, as shown by our survey data,” said Vasona Networks VP of marketing and product management John Reister.

“Improving mobile broadband reliability and performance are great opportunities, but operators that don’t get out in front of the pack will become vulnerable.”