AeroMobile takes flight with 3G service


The 3G service was introduced on a single Air Berlin A330-200 long-haul flight

AeroMobile has launched the world’s first inflight 3G connectivity for passengers, after partnering with airliner Air Berlin.

The Sussex-based company, formed in 2008, already provides 2.5G services to some of the world’s biggest airliners, including Emirates, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic.

“3G will offer access to services that passengers are already used to on the ground,” said the company’s CEO Kevin Rogers.

“They’ll be able to access apps like Facebook and WhatsApp at a faster speed.”

The 3G service was launched on a single Air Berlin A330-200 long-haul flight in December. Rogers said more Air Berlin planes are scheduled to be fitted with the technology over the next six months. He also confirmed AeroMobile was in talks with a number of other airliners looking to introduce the service for their passengers.

As with AeroMobile’s 2G service, connectivity is achieved by connecting customers to a satellite which beams the signal back to earth, connecting to the strongest signal. AeroMobile has more than 320 international roaming agreements in 146 countries.