Fitbit unveil its first smart watch at CES 2016


The device can be connected to a wearer’s smartphone to receive notifications

Fitbit has launched its new Blaze smart watch at the Consumers Electronic Show (January 5).

The device’s design moves away from the smart band design of the Charge and Surge, two other Fitbit products. It instead features a touchscreen display similar to the Apple Watch, which can be placed into optional accessories. Other accessories include elastic, leather and metal link bands.

Users can connect the watch to their smartphone to track GPS for runs and get notifications on the watch for calls, texts and calendar appointments. Wearers can also track steps, heart rate and calories burned. Pre-installed workouts have been included. It also uses vibrations to remind users to stand up every hour and take 250 steps.

The Blaze will be released in the US from March and prices start from $200 (around £135). Fitbit has not confirmed UK pricing or availability.