HTC unveils UA HealthBox fitness kit at CES 2016


The health kit comes with a heart rate monitor, fitness band and weighing scale

HTC and fitness clothing brand Under Armour has unveiled a new connected fitness system that measures sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition.

UA HealthBox (pictured), which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (January 5), includes a fitness band, heart rate monitor and smart scale. Users can download the UA Record app to their Android or iPhone handsets to receive feedback about their overall health and fitness from all three included devices.

The fitness band can help users track daily activity, workouts and sleep quality. Information it displays include a user’s heart rate when paired up with the accompanying heart rate monitor. HTC claims the band will not accumulate moisture from sweat during physical activities.

HTC claims the heart rate monitor is undetectable during any physical activities. The sensor comes with a strap that can be attached to the user’s chest and will help give an calculation of total calories burned. It also warns users when they leave their personal heart rate zone, the area where users can safely exercise without overworking themselves and having a heart attack.

Finally the WiFi enabled scale has been designed to calculate a user’s weight and body fat percentages. It has a circular design and information is displayed on an LED display. Up to eight users can be registered for use on the device.

The UA HealthBox will be available to purchase in the US on January 22 from $400 (around £220), with pre-orders now available. HTC has not confirmed UK availability or pricing.