CES 2016: HTC unveils updated Vive Virtual Reality headset


The headset allows users to experience virtual reality environments

HTC has unveiled the second generation Vive virtual reality headset at the Consumer Electronics Show (January 5).

The Vive Pre (pictured) allows users to view virtual worlds through a screen in the headset. They can navigate these environments using provided controllers. The first version of the headset was officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress in March last year.

The manufacturer claims the design has been revamped for more comfort and portability. It also features a strap designed to over more stability and balance. HTC has improved the screen with a brighter display, whilst foam inserts offer more comfort.

A front facing camera has also been added to the device. Objects seen by the camera will be visible to the user from the screen inside the headset.

The Vive’s controllers have also been updated with softer edges and grip pads. Haptic feedback has also been added. HTC claims the remote can provide four hours of runtime from a single charge.

SteamVR is also supported. This allows users to experience games purchased from the Steam online computer game store from the headset itself.

HTC has only made the device available to app and game developers. The HTC Vive Pre is scheduled for consumer purchase in April this year. HTC has not confirmed UK commercial release dates or pricing.