UK mobile retail sales hit 57,119 in Q4 2015


Data was collected from 100 retailers including John Lewis and Marks & Spencer

UK retailers saw mobile traffic and sales increase by up to 2 per cent during Q4 2015, according to market analysts Affiliate Window.

The data was collected from 3.5 million monthly transactions made through 100 retailers, including John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, BT and across 2015.

Affiliate Window claims total mobile sales topped around 57,000 in Q4 2015. Around 29,000 sales came from devices like tablets, whilst the other 28,000 came from smartphones.

Mobile sales in Q4 2015 accounted 40 per cent of all retail sales. Non-mobile sales stood at around 60 per cent.

Additional statistics show mobile traffic on retailer sites in Q4 2015 totalled 47.5 per cent. This is an increase from 46.93 per cent in Q3 2015. Around 25.94 per cent of traffic came from a smartphone, which is a rise from 25.8 per cent in Q3.