Microsoft to close Care Point handset repair centres this month


Manufacturer will close remaining 11 Care Point centres (formerly Nokia) citing less demand for walk-in repair service

Microsoft will close all of its authorised Care Point (formerly Nokia Care Point) walk in centres by the end of January, Mobile News can exclusively reveal.

The Care Point Network was launched more than 15 years ago by Nokia to provide customers with a walk-in centre for any handset-related issues. Stores are run independently but are authorised by Microsoft, allowing partners to carry out warranty repairs – the only manufacturer to do so with third parties.

At its peak, there were more than 100 centres in the UK, but numbers have tumbled to around 11 today.

A spokesperson for Microsoft confirmed the closures, citing less demand for a walk-in service.

“Improvements in quality has resulted in fewer phones needing to be repaired,” the spokesperson said. “When they do need help, customers prefer to use our online and social media support services, or return to where they bought their phone.

“As a result, from January 2016, we will no longer authorise third parties to act as walk-in Care Centres in the UK.”


The move follows Microsoft’s decision in July to close centres across Europe following the announcement of 7,800 job cuts to the global business.

One Care Point owner, who asked not to be named, told Mobile News the move will be a major frustration to loyal Nokia/ Microsoft customers.

“We’ve given a long service to Nokia but Microsoft never really embraced the centres.

“Customer repairs will now have to be done in centralised repair facilities so will no doubt take longer and they certainly won’t provide the same personal level of care that the Care Network did.

“I can only see this driving sales to other manufacturers as the Care Network is the one thing that set them apart from most other manufacturers.”


  1. We could have a customer walk in and walk out within an hour or two.
    Phone repaired, probably no loss of data.

    Now phone will have to go by trucks, & plane to Germany, Czech Republic and on to repair facility in Hungary. Takes at least a week, total loss of any data.
    The costs, involving financial and environmental aspects as well as customer impact are complex, but cheaper to do that rather than local repair ? hmmm

  2. …..fewer phones needing to be repaired … yes, and vastly fewer phones sold under the Nokia /Microsoft brand these past few years.
    Having no CP network to fall back on, this will be one more reason for past loyal customers not to continue with the brand when it’s time to choose a new handset.
    Yes, things change but not all progress is positive.