O2 follows iD’s lead by offering data rollover


Extra data Bolt-Ons will now rollover any unused data to the following month, just days after CPW MVNO iD announced a similar offer

O2 has changed its data Bolt-ons, now allowing customers to carry over unused data to the following month, even after their allowances reset.

Previously, if a customer had bought additional data through a bolt-on but failed to use it before their monthly allowances reset, they would lose it.

The change follows a similar move from Carphone Warehouse MVNO iD Mobile, who introduced data rollover to some of its SIM-only plans.

O2 also unveiled an offer that will run through February and March which will see the operator offer up to 50 per cent extra data to customers taking up one of a range of selected Pay & Go, Pay Monthly, and Mobile Broadband tariffs.

The offer is open to both new and existing customers looking to upgrade, and could see them receive up to 5GB of extra data for no extra charge.

The offer includes both 30 day and 12 month Pay Monthly tariffs included in the offer, as well as O2’s Big Bundles Pay & Go tariff.

“Our customers have told us how much they value having complete control of their data, including Bolt Ons, so we’re proud to keep giving them more with O2,” said O2 consumer and marketing director Nina Bibby. “By bringing our customers more data, we want to make sure they can browse, update and share whenever they like.”