Alcatel unveils virtual reality IDOL, POP and PLUS10 ranges


Manufacturer took wraps off new products as it also unveiled rebranding

Alcatel unveiled its new IDOL and POP handsets alongside its new PLUS10 tablet at Mobile World Congress (February 22).

The first is the IDOL 4 series, a followup to the IDOL 3 range launched March last year. It consists of the IDOL 4, IDOL 4+ (pictured), and IDOL 4S.

A standout feature of the IDOL 4+ and IDOL 4S is virtual reality. The smartphones can be combined with their packaging to turn them into virtual reality goggles.

All three handsets also come with a single button that can be setup for specific functions. This includes turning photos from certain albums into a collage, adding special effects to videos, enhancing the sound of videos and more. A pair of 3.6 watt speakers is included on the IDOL 4 range. Each device runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google’s latest operating system. Available colours for all devices include gold, dark grey, rose gold and silver.

The company claims the 13MP rear and 6MP front cameras on the IDOL 4S and IDOL 4 can take a photo in up to 0.3 seconds. The 4+ differs from the rest of the range because it has a 16MP rear camera and 32GB of internal storage, instead of 16GB on the 4 and 4S.

POP series


The second range is the POP 4 series, which includes the POP 4 (pictured left), POP 4+ and POP 4S.

An 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras have been included on the POP 4 and POP 4+. The POP 4S has 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras.

A quad-core processor are featured on the POP 4 and POP 4+, whilst the 4S has an octa-core.

The POP 4S has a fingerprint sensor, whilst Alcatel claims its battery can be charged up to 50 per cent in just half an hour.
 The manufacturer will also be releasing the PLUS10 (pictured below), a Windows 10 operated tablet. It has a quad-core Intel processor and can be used as a tablet, laptop via a detachable keyboard or screen for viewing media. Internal memory stands at 32GB, it has two front speakers and Alcatel claims it is 40 per cent lighter than the average laptop.
Alcatel has not confirmed UK availability or pricing for any of the ranges.