Doro says ‘revolutionary’ 8030 is world’s easiest-to-use phone


The manufacturer launched the handset at Mobile World Congress (MWC) on February 22

Doro has unveiled the 8030 which it claims has unique and revolutionary features setting it apart from other smartphones.

The Swedish company – which targets over 65s – claims the handset is the easiest smartphone to use. Rather than using icons on the interface like a conventional handset – such as a phone image for the dialler – it uses verbs instead. For example, users wanting to phone someone only need to press the word ‘Call’ on the device’s home screen.

Doro claims its own research has revealed modern smartphones can be difficult for both first-time and experienced users to understand, especially when navigating through a handset’s icons.

Doro UK and Ireland managing director Chris Millington said: “I firmly believe the Doro 8030 will be a true revolution in the smartphone space as this is our most ‘human’ and forward-thinking device to date. No longer is the smartphone just about apps, it’s about actions – we have eliminated the confusion when searching for a particular app, or working out how to do something.”

The phone also comes with hearing aid compatibility and soft-touch coating designed to offer users better grip. My Doro Manager also comes pre-installed, an app that allows a user’s family or friends to remotely offer support without having to be physically present.

O2 will be exclusively stocking the handset both in-store and online. It will be priced from £99 prepay. Mobile News has contacted Doro for release dates.



  1. This phone is certainly a good senior phone but it is far too complicated for a person like my mother. It is irritably close to a simple to use phone for an intellectually deprevated person. You should get rid of all unnecessary features like sms etc. Only a green start button and red finish button and place for nine images of relatives. A pressure sensitive touch screen for dry senior fingers. Hidden administrator button for relatives. Could you please manufacture this kind of phone for millions of handicapped people.