New Doro trio will ‘move feature phone market forward’


The manufacturer made the bold claim as it unveiled the 6520, 6525 and 6530 at Mobile World Congress

Doro claims its new handset trio – the 6520, 6525 and 6530 (pictured) – will move the ‘market forward’ with features otherwise absent from the feature phone segment.

The Swedish manufacturer, who primarily targets over 65s, launched the three phones in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress on February 23.

All the clamshell devices have features common on modern smart devices, but not on other feature phones. Users are able to access social media, email and the internet. A four-way navigation key has also been added for increased ease-of-use.

Doro UK and Ireland MD Chris Millington claims Doro’s target market still want feature phones, but with added features from a smartphone. He said: “There is still a need for feature phones. Upgrading to a full smartphone does not suit everyone – many of our target group wants a well-designed device for calling and texting, with some additional digital functions.

“Facebook and Twitter are mainstream technology and these devices bring accessibility of this popular media to people of all ages.”

Doro’s research into its target audience found that 40 per cent of over 65s still prefer to own a feature phone and aren’t looking to upgrade. It claims the most sought after functions are text messaging and calling.

The 6530 is the most premium handset in the lineup. Unlike the other two devices, it has GPS and access to Doro Connect & Care. Connect & Care allows the user to remotely alert friends and family when they’re going food shopping, there’s a problem in the home or when they need taking to a doctor’s appointment.

All three phones come with a 2.8-inch display, hearing aid compatibility and HD audio. Both the 6525 and 6530 have an external display which tells the user who is calling them, even when the phone is closed.

Doro is yet to release UK availability and pricing details.