Vodafone claims Instant Charge can ‘help thousands of refugees across Europe’


The device will provide up to 66 charging points in refugee camps

Vodafone has unveiled its Instant Charge outdoor charger (pictured) which it claims can help thousands of refugees across Europe.

The portable charger, which was shown at Mobile World Congress, has been designed to help the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) work across Europe. The UNHCR is a body who aims to help and protect refugees.

Instant Charge will be used in locations such as Lesbos and Samos islands in Greece. It has been designed to help refugees charge their phones in camps that would otherwise lack such a resource. The device weighs 23kg and, when combined with a power generator, can charge up to 66 phones at once. It is water-resistant and Vodafone claims it can be setup in under 10 minutes. USB charging ports and cables are included, so users needn’t supply their own chargers.

Vodafone Foundation Instant Network programme manager Oisin Walton said: “When the Vodafone Foundation, alongside UNHCR, assessed how it could help, one of the requests from refugees was: ‘Where can I charge my mobile?’

“Unlike refugees in many other parts of the world, many of the refugee families arriving in Europe have smartphones, rather than feature phones, and there is an increasing need for access to power.”