28 per cent of Brits bothered by work calls on holiday


This is according to a survey conducted by CompareMyMobile in February this year

Up to 28 per cent of British holidaymakers have been ‘unnecessarily’ bothered by their workplace whilst on holiday, according to a nationwide survey by CompareMyMobile.

The mobile recycling comparison site surveyed 1,104 people in February about workplace contact whilst on annual leave.

It found that 11 per cent had gotten into trouble for not answering work calls. 37 per cent said they would ignore their manager, whilst 35 per cent would not answer calls from colleagues. Up to 35 per cent add they would feel guilty if they ignored work-related calls.

CompareMyMobile co-director Ashley Turner said: “As technology advances it seems we have become accessible 24/7, which as our survey has revealed is not always a good thing.

“Most people have work emails on phones, productivity apps, instant message services – and all of this makes escaping the work place even harder.”