Laptop computers more popular for online shopping than mobiles


The marketing specialist surveyed over 2,000 people online about their shopping habits

New research from retail marketing specialist Bronto Software reveals that laptops and desktops are more popular for online shopping than mobile phones.

The company conducted an online survey in January this year with a sample size of over 2,000. It found that 76 per cent of respondents preferred to use a laptop for online shopping in the past year. Although 82 per cent of the sample owned a handset, only 37 per cent used it for online purchasing. 54 per cent of smartphone users said they were researching products more frequently on their phones than they were a year ago.

Other findings show that 22 per cent of those surveyed shop in stores less frequently. Bronto Software Europe MD Georges Berzgal said: “Whilst a large proportion of the population owns a smartphone and uses it more frequently for browsing, the findings indicate that traditional devices, such as laptops and desktops, still play a large role when buying online.

“We’ve reached a point where consumers are using multiple devices for their shopping journey. Our findings indicate that a number of consumers still prefers to browse for products on their smartphone and to complete the purchase on a traditional device.”