Smartphones harder to use than new cars, claims research


The retailer surveyed 1,000 smartphone users in February this year

Britons find it harder to adjust to a new smartphone’s operating system than a new car, according to research from retailer

A survey of 1,000 smartphone users was conducted by the company in February this year. Over 300 said they found a new operating system extremely hard to get used to. Over 270 said the same about a new car.

The sample said the task of understanding a new phone was similar to getting to grips with online banking, using a new camera or learning how to use a new TV. claims 79 per cent of users switch operating systems every five years or less. spokesperson Abby Francis said: “We understand that phones have become more complicated over the years, in essence turning into powerful computers we keep in our pockets, but we never expected people to see them as more complicated than a car.