Barclays to launch own mobile contactless payment service


‘Contactless Mobile’ will enable customers to make contactless payments at 400,000 locations and across the London transport network 

Barclays is to launch its own mobile contactless payment service to enable its customers to make transactions at 400,000 locations and across the London transport network.

‘Contactless Mobile’, which will go live from June, sees Barclays become the first UK bank to offer its own integrated service to enable contactless payments for both debit and credit cards on phones run off the Google OS.

It will enable customers to pay in a similar way to using a physical contactless card. For payments up to £30, they can tap their mobile on the retailer terminal without needing to open an app, enter a PIN or verify using a fingerprint.

For payments between £30 and £100, when the user touches their phone on the contactless reader, they will be required to enter the card’s normal PIN into their phone keypad and touch their phone on the contactless reader to complete the transaction.

The service will be available as part of an updated version of the Barclays Mobile Banking app. When customers open the app, it will automatically detect whether they are eligible for Contactless Mobile. They require a compatible NFC-enabled phone runningAndroid KitKat or later and an eligible Barclays debit card or Barclaycard.

All eligible cards will automatically appear with no need to enter card details, with customers only needing to choose the card they want to be used as the default card.

Boosting confidence

Barclays UK CEO Ashok Vaswani said: “Giving customers the choice about how to make everyday payments while making it really easy for people to use our services is why we’ve designed this new contactless payment functionality which will sit at the heart of our already popular mobile banking app.

“It’s all there, in one place, ready to go with no need to enter card details, delivering a brilliant experience in an instant.

“Barclays Contactless Mobile is the latest in a series of digital innovations we have launched that allow customers to ‘Pay it your way!’ – carrying out day to day transactions in the ways that suit them and we hope that it will help customers become more confident using digital solutions and new technologies.”