Mystery Caller: Smartphone gaming


Whether it’s on a console or a smaller smartphone, Mystery Shopper is a keen computer gamer. He needs a phone that can handle intensive games whilst on the move. What can the networks offer him? Can he get any good deals?

5: Virgin

Celine kept rambling on with technical jargon and any average Joe without any major technological knowledge would have been both confused and frustrated.

Manner – 2/5
Understanding – 1/5
Knowledge – 1/5
Helpfulness – 2/5
Clarity – 1/5
Overall – 1/5
Total – 8/30

4: EE

It took fifteen minutes for Janet to answer five questions and by the end I was so bored that I didn’t want to ask any further questions for fear of being held on the phone for longer.

Manner – 3/5
Understanding – 2/5
Knowledge – 2/5
Helpfulness – 2/5
Clarity – 2/5
Overall – 2/5
Total – 13/30

3: Vodafone

Upon hearing my query, Jess recommended The Sony Xperia Z5. She said it was one of the newest flagship phones on the market with a powerful processor and screen perfect for playing games on.

Manner – 3/5
Understanding – 3/5
Knowledge – 3/5
Helpfulness – 3/5
Clarity – 3/5
Overall – 3/5
Total – 18/30

2: Three

A decent sale from Adam. He definitely had the best sales manner of the lot but his tendency to ask too many questions made our call drag on quite a bit

Manner – 4/5
Understanding – 4/5
Knowledge – 3/5
Helpfulness – 4/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 4/5
Total – 23/30

1: O2

Callum explained in detail one unique feature that certainly made the phone sound like a winner. I could connect the phone to my PS4 and use it as a second controller or screen.

Manner – 5/5
Understanding – 5/5
Knowledge – 5/5
Helpfulness – 5/5
Clarity – 4/5
Overall – 5/5
Total – 29/30


Smartphones have become so advanced that they are now able to play games that consoles from 20 years ago would have struggled to operate.

Celine from Vodafone bombarded me with jargon that made everything more confusing and frustrating. I was seriously put off purchasing anything from Virgin.

Janet from EE was better, but unfortunately she spent ages trying to find answers to my questions.

Jess from Vodafone was much better and provided answers to all my ques- tions in a clear and thorough way.

Adam from Three had a very polite and professional phone manner. How- ever, he had a tendency to ask far too many questions in one go.

Callum sounded nervous, but this didn’t stop him coming out on top of the whole lot. He used his own experience with video games to sell me the Z5 and it all sounded very genuine.

Full article in Mobile News issue 614 (May 16, 2016).