Brits spend two days’ holiday expecting work-related calls


This is according to the latest research from

Brits on average lose two days of their holiday due to the stress of having to check work-related calls, texts and emails, according to

The travel agent surveyed 2,000 Britons and found that one in three struggle to keep away from checking work calls, texts and emails on their phone. It claims an average person spends at least 15-minutes per day thinking about work whilst on holiday.

One in six said their employers expected them to be contactable whilst on vacation. The survey also claims that one in seven employees have worried about returning to work without having made any contact with their employer whilst on holiday. spokesperson Paul Hopkinson said: “It’s no secret that the expectations and pressures surrounding modern working lives have changed Increasingly, workers are asked to be more contactable and as a result it can be much harder to separate work and leisure time.

“The research shows people not only struggling to switch off but actually needing to check work emails in order to gain peace of mind, even while on holiday.”