Vodafone slapped with £2,500 fine for roadworks violations


Transport for London prosecuted operator for failing to give notice of works in South London

Vodafone has been hit with a £1,250 fine and forced to pay £1,386.50 in prosecution costs due to streetworks infractions.

Transport for London brought the prosecution before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on June 29 after the operator failed to issue notice for works carried out in Tooting Bec, South London.

It is the second time Vodafone has been prosecuted in the last 18 months, and the hundredth time TfL has prosecuted a utility company since 2010. BT was also prosecuted earlier this month for similar offences, and made to pay an £8,000 fine.

TfL chief operating officer for surface transport Garrett Emmerson, said: “This is the second time in 18 months Vodafone has been prosecuted for failing to provide required streetworks notices. Not providing these notices in a timely manner impacts on our ability to successfully coordinate street works.”


  1. Vodafone and BT are major suppliers of fixed line infrastructures and both are rushing to wire up the country with fibre.

    I don’t see how fining them will help as it will only cut back on investment on fibre. What if we start fining TFL £2,000 every time the bus is late or when there staff are rude or cutting short bus routes without sufficient notice?

    Sorry but this time i’m on Vodafone’s side here. The code powers did allow companies to dig up at anytime they wanted, I don’t know why TFL is making such a fuss.