Businesses lost £12.3bn to internet outages last year


Companies counting costs of downtime says internet services provider Beaming

Internet outages cost businesses £12.3 billion in lost productivity last year, with two thirds experiencing eight or more online failures.

This is according to new findings from internet service provider Beaming, which worked with research company

Opinium and more than 500 businesses using a range of providers and connectivity services to better understand the impact of outages.

It found UK businesses had clocked up 149 million hours of internet downtime between them in 2015. Each had 43 hours of downtime that prevented them from trading or accessing vital online services. The cost to business in terms of productivity and unnecessary overtime totaled £521 per employee.

Thirteen per cent of businesses manage online outages by switching to alternative connections and a quarter mitigate some downtime by moving to non-internet related tasks, but daily operations stop completely at 38 per cent when their connection fails.

Again, thirteen per cent start losing money immediately following an outage. From these, this rises to 28 per cent after an hour and 46 per cent after four hours without the internet.

Businesses relying on consumer internet services suffered double the downtime (30 hours on average) compared to business users (16 hours), while half (51 per cent) of small businesses and eight in ten sole traders use broadband services designed for home use.

Beaming said: “Downtime can happen for all sorts of reasons, including equipment failures and malicious attacks. Businesses that use the internet should plan to ensure their connectivity is fit for purpose and that they have a backup plan to make sure any disruption is minimised and that it can be restored quickly if required.

“Most connectivity problems can be fixed quickly by technical experts over the phone and even before they occur through proactive monitoring.”