Vodafone quickest to respond to customers on Twitter


This is according to the latest research from social media specialist Brandwatch

Vodafone is the quickest network in the UK when it comes to responding to customer queries on social media.

This is according to the latest research from social media specialist Brandwatch, who also counted EE, Tesco Mobile, Three, O2 and Virgin Mobile in its tests. Various conversations about signal, charges and billing, 4G and customer service on the social media platform were monitored.

It took Vodafone on average up to one hour and 55 minutes to respond to customers on Twitter. The quickest response time was 30 seconds, whilst the longest was three and a half days.

O2 and Virgin Mobile’s average time in contrast was four hours and 19 minutes, whilst EE was the slowest of all networks at four hours and 48 minutes. It took Tesco Mobile three hours and seven minutes to respond, whilst Three took two hours and nine minutes on average.

Brandwatch Insights Analyst Arthur Wade said: “Because of the immediacy of social media and the expectation of a quick response, it is important that even if a brand isn’t able to directly resolve a query via Twitter, they must respond to let the customer know they’ve been heard and then take this offline.

“With pricing becoming increasingly competitive between suppliers, customer service is an increasingly important factor in customers deciding to switch networks or choosing a new provider. If operators offer social media as a means of customer contact, they must be prepared to put the required resource behind it to manage their channels.”

This research follows Vodafone’s recent £15 million investment into improving its customer service following a rise in complaints over the last year. The customer service team currently has more than 1,400 members of staff.