Cat unveils world’s first smartphone with integrated thermal camera


Manufacturer Bullitt Group also claims it is the world’s most waterproof phone, as device is made available for pre-order

Cat has launched the S60 handset which it claims is the world’s first smartphone with an integrated thermal camera.

The device was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February this year. It is currently available to preorder directly from the manufacturer for £529.

unspecifiedThe Caterpillar brand is licensed by Reading-based Bullitt Group currently alongside others from JCB, Kodak and Ministry of Sound.

The S60 comes with thermal imaging technology from Flir that enables the camera to show heat signatures that are invisible to the naked eye. There is an accompanying app which allows users to capture and analyse the thermal imagery, which is unique among smartphones according to Bullitt.

Users can utilise the camera to detect heat loss, spot moisture leaks, identify over-heating and see in complete darkness. Bullitt also claims it is the world’s most waterproof phone, able to withstand depths of up to five meters underwater for an hour.

Bullit Group CEO Peter Stephens said: “Since we unveiled the product in February, our team has been in the field, gathering feedback and generating multiple test cases amongst our varied target audiences.

“From plumbers to horse trainers, architects to site managers, firemen to park rangers, we have been putting the S60 through its paces and the feedback has been overwhelming.”

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