KCOM wins Rail Settlement Plan contract


IT and communications services provider will help RSP increase ticketing capacity

KCOM has won a contract with the Rail Settlement Plan to replace and manage its new suite of business critical applications that will be deployed in the cloud.

The Hull-based provider, whose partners include the likes of O2, EE, Daisy, Cisco and Oracle, will provide RSP with a new Data Capture and Apportionment Service (DCAS), Portal Service and RSP.

It claimed to have seen off  competition from a number of other providers due to its expertise in the rail sector. KCom already provides services for Network Rail and the Association of Train Operator Companies.

Ticketing capacity
The new service will help RSP increase ticketing capacity by 20 per cent by capturing all ticket sales information and apportioning the revenues between train operators and third party retailers. It will also develop a portal service which will provide secure messaging on both new and existing systems.

“These are critical systems for the passenger rail industry,” said RSP head of programmes Brian Jones.

“Customer facing processes such as reservations and ticketing, and the crucial revenue apportionment systems behind the scenes all need fast response times and complete accuracy. We look forward to delivering these innovative services with KCOM.”

“The KCOM relationship with the rail industry has been proven over many years,” said KCOM CEO Bill Halbert.

A key partner
“In 2011, we won separate competitive tenders to engage with divisions within the RDG. In 2014 we followed this with the contract to deliver Live Sales Management (LSM) to RSP, as well as work with National Rail Enquiries.

“We are very proud indeed to have become such a key partner and hope to continue to develop significant innovations for the passenger rail industry.”