O2 Travel service now covers 73 countries around the world


The service gives pay monthly O2 customers an allowance of 120 minutes and 120 texts to be used daily whilst abroad

O2 has added 30 new destinations outside of Europe to its Travel service, extending the total number of countries covered by the Pay Monthly roaming add on from 43 to 73.

The service charges a set fee for an allowance of texts and minutes to be used outside of the UK on a daily basis. Allowances are capped at 120 minutes for calls made and received, and 120 texts sent. A customer’s usual monthly bill will not be affected, as long as they do not exceed the daily allowance. Customers simply contact O2 directly each day to use the service.

It will cost £1.99 to use the service in any of 43 European countries involved, including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway. Costs for Turkey rise to £3.99 per day.

The most expensive countries are outside of Europe, costing £4.99 per day. Destinations include the US, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, China, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.