Three offering £50 Amazon voucher to new and upgrading customers


The offer on selected plans is only available until September 1

Three is giving away a £50 Amazon gift voucher to those who sign up or upgrade to a new plan until September 1.

The promotion is available to new and existing customers who subscribe to either a two-year pay monthly package or a 12 month SIM only deal (excluding packages with 500MB and 200 minutes). 12 and 24 month mobile broadband packages (iPad and 40GB options exempt) are also valid, but only a £25 voucher will be sent in both these instances.

Gift cards are redeemable online with a two-week period after purchase. Amazon will send the cards to the customer’s email address. Subscribers must be UK residents and aged over 18. Existing customers are only eligible if they sign up to a plan in-store. Upgrades over the phone or online are exempt from the offer.