Warning as warm weather sees mobile phone thefts rocket 39pc


Insurance firm Supercover calls on customers to be extra vigilant this summer

Supercover Insurance has called on mobile users to be extra cautious when using their devices outside during the summer following a spike in the number of reported thefts and claims.

The insurance provider told Mobile News the recent heatwave in the UK in July resulted in a 39 per cent increase in reported thefts compared with April, May and June. Exact numbers for July could not be disclosed.

Supercover sales director John Fannon said the rise in thefts are related to owners spending more time outdoors during summer.

“At Supercover we urge our customers to always remain vigilant when it comes to mobile phone safety and advise them to keep their devices hidden from view when not in use. They should be mindful of when and where they choose to use their handset.”

Pokémon Go

The warning echoes similar messages from UK police forces after reports of thefts across the country linked to new smartphone craze Pokémon Go.

Police reports claim three men playing the game had been lured to a London park and were held at gunpoint by three robbers on July 26.

Another report said three students in Manchester had their handsets stolen at knifepoint on July 15.

The app was released in the UK on July 14 by Japanese video game giant Nintendo. It uses a smartphone’s GPS and requires players to walk around the real world searching for fictional creatures from the Pokémon series.